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Welcome to Aeon Life Theater, Inc

A non-profit professional community theater

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Mission Statement

Aeon Life Theater engages, inspires, entertains and challenges audiences with theatrical productions that range from the classics to new works; we train and support the next generation of theatre artists; and we celebrate the essential power of the theater to illuminate our common humanity. We connect actors, audiences, and communities from Plant City to St Petersburg to New Port Richey.

Our theater was founded in 2015 after working with a variety of community theatres and churches in the greater Brandon area. Thanks to a brilliant director and working with some of the great area theaters, we were bred with an attitude that “amature theater doesn’t have to be amateurish”. We wanted to produce something greater that would connect with the larger community and have fun doing it. Our mission is to celebrate life through storytelling, community involvement, and personal growth.

Our motto is “Never JUST be; be greater!

Our Core Company Values

  • Artistic Excellence
    We collaborate to create an atmosphere that empowers artists to do their finest work. Our rigorous standards reflect our commitment to excellence in every area of production. We take pride in our outstanding track record of artists who want to return, and we cultivate an audience that expects to be challenged. The work we do thrills us, too.
  • Communication
    We aspire to work as a team within and between departments. We respect our co-workers’ time and resources by striving to meet deadlines.
  • Community
    Our role in the local theater ecosystem is resource for many artists and patrons alike. The people we meet before and after a performance, the students who participate, volunteer, and perform, and the businesses and theater companies around us, are all part of our family.
  • Diversity
    We are committed to an environment that fosters inclusion and honesty, and reflects our community. We respect varied backgrounds and work and life experiences.
  • Financial Responsibility
    We honor our audience and Board by being responsible with our finances, and we create beautiful theater with elegance and economy.
  • Respect
    All great work is nurtured in an atmosphere of civility and mutual respect. Harmonious and collaborative rehearsals, production shops, and office spaces are our priority. We value physical safety and a supportive and fun work environment.

“I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.”

-Thornton Wilder

Aeon Life Theater is a proud member of

Ybor Chamber

Tampa Bay Alliance of Community Theatres

Theatre Tampa Bay